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Lt Governor Notes


Welcome to our Division 20 website. Exciting things continue to happen with our ten clubs.

First, we have chartered the first Aktion Club in our Division. I applaud the Kiwanis Club of Bellevue and Bellevue-Offutt Kiwanis Clubs for pioneering this move forward by working and sharing responsibilities together. I had the honor of meeting, and recognizing the Charter members of the Aktion Club of Envisions,Inc. on Thursday, October 21. Their first officers were installed and believe me, there was great celebration! We need to have all of that energy and enthusiasm at all of our Kiwanis gatherings. I hope other clubs will come to visit the Aktion Club of Envisions Meetings and strongly consider becoming sponsors for this type of Service Leadership Club. Honored guests were Past Governor Ron Petsch and Floyd Hutzell, NE-IA District Coordinator for Aktion Clubs.

I have celebrated Installations with nine of our ten clubs. On November 4, I look forward to installing officers for the Sarpy County Area Kiwanis Club. Here are highlights of the nine installations.

Dundee Kiwanis held installations at their annual end of summer picnic; very informal, but lots of fun.

West Omaha Diamond K had Miller Park Principal Lisa Utterback as their guest speaker; she shared her story growing up in a dysfunctional family and how that experience fuels her passion to work with students at Miller Park School.

Johnny's Cafe in South Omaha was the site of the Bellevue Offutt Kiwanis Club celebration on September 24. It is so wonderful that new President Terry Azeltine is already a TeamMates mentor!

Plattsmouth Kiwanis held their installation at regular club meeting; WOW! the most fabulous Kiwanis decorated cake you have ever seen or tasted!

Omaha Loveland Golden K celebrated on September 27; they presented the Legion of Honor to FLoyd E. Reynolds who has been a Kiwanian for 50 years! Ron Crampton did the most interesting set of comments by a new president ever seen.

Omaha Golden K Kiwanis selected September 29 for their celebration. I was happy to give up my Past President pin to Frank Watt and honored to install my own club's new officers. Carolyn Law became our Vice President, another woman moves ahead in leadership!

Celebrating their 30th Anniversary and Installation Ceremony on September 30 was the Kiwanis Club of Bellevue. Governor Ron Petsch and Lady Jean attended the celebration. A video history of the club was fun and new President Mark Keske proudly stated that "we aren't going to do anything different, just more of the same stuff". Well, Mark, keep doing it! (This club was the only club in Division 20 to earn the Distinguished Club Designation at last year's mid-year convention)

The Kiwanis Club of Omaha Westside met on October 5 to install new officers. I knew I saw a number of this club's members serving as Crew Chiefs at the Pancake Feed on Sept. 25. I enjoyed talking about TeamMates mentoring at this event and one of the guests shared her own experience with the program to reinforce my passion for mentoring! Thanks.

On the night of the Nebraska-Kansas State football game, I joined the Kiwanis Club of Southwest Omaha members in holding one of the shortest installation ceremonies of all time. It was wonderful to see Bonnie Kolowski named the Kiwanian of the Year by the club members. I also had the pleasure of installing my cousin, John Krajicek, as a Board Member. (greatness runs in our genes)

So you see, I have enjoyed each of these events which each have personalities of their own. I wonder what the Sarpy County Area will do to build on this spirit of community and celebration on November 4.

Hope to see all of you at our Division Council Meeting this Wednesday, Nov. 3, at 7:00 AM. TeamMates representatives will join us to fire up our club leaders to get this program moving in Division 20!


October, 2010


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